About La Promenade

Introductions, and welcome to La Promenade, hello, my name is Elba and I’d like to share a little about myself so that you can get an insight as to how and why this love affair with hosiery has presented itself and that it is not just another online store, but an experience.

I have been in the fashion industry since the late-1970s, I have had the pleasure of working in both the wholesale and retail areas of the business and for some of the ground breakers in Australia Fashion.

Having started as a junior trainee with Sportsgirl, then becoming a sales representative for JAG dba, and then moving on to manage for organisations like, Myer and Country Road until 2012 where I finally took the step of opening my own business and going out on my own. Entwined is this path I married and raised 3 beautiful daughters, built two homes and so much more in between, it’s been a path leading to this my La Promenade.

Over these years, as you would expect, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from the wholesale and retail worlds of fashion and used it in the day to day of work and life. Prior to opening La Promenade while in the “working for someone else” stage in my working life, the call of the Hosiery business was becoming so loud that I was no longer able to ignore it.

You see I have always had a fetish for beautiful hosiery and have been fortunate to go to Italy a number of times and live in Paris for a while too, it was becoming more and more evident that my fetish could also be one that was shared by others. We don’t see or have the range of hosiery in Australia available as in Europe, so in 2007 the seed was planted and the idea started to form but not until 2012 did the research start in earnest when I left my “job” and worked full time on creating La Promenade.

The hosiery on display at La Promenade is made by the some of the same manufactures that produce hosiery for Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY, H&M, and Prada, they manufacture, market and retail under their own banner and also for these high end companies. Their product can be found in boutiques and department stores like BHV, Coin, Galeries Lafayette, H&M, La Rinascente, Le Bon Marché, Printemps, and UPIM to name but a few found in Italy and France.

The goal is to be able to provide the same quality and styles available to the Europeans and this I believe I have achieved and will continue to expand the range and add to the manufacture base for your fashion pleasure.

La Promenade online Hosiery is a family business, very much like the manufactures I have engaged to provide you with these magnificent ranges. It is important to have a quality driven service and to be able to provide that, the people I work with similarly have to be quality driven, by coincidence or by design the hosiery suppliers at La Promenade are family based and derived. I have the pleasure and honour to say that I have been to the home of some of these people and shared a meal, the friendships that have been forged are the strength on which the quality is based on, this is very important to me and I hope you can see this in the ranges that are on offer. I hope to forge a similar relationship with you as we walk down La Promenade of fashion and life.

Looking at the way I style my clothing at times, I know that sometimes I have a pair of shoes that I have, or have purchased, and nothing to wear with them. Same goes for dresses, tops, pants and skirts, I see my hosiery the same way, there are pieces that I want to wear and nothing to wear with them, why should hosiery be the accessory? I cannot be the only one that thinks like that, and now that we have these beautiful ranges to choose from, this is truer than ever. To feel great wearing some of the most comfortable hosiery that doesn’t cut into your waist, fall down or ladder easily (just a few points) I have ever had the good fortune to own, I think you will love it as much as I do.

I’m spreading the joy for our children as well, I’ve kept in mind that when my and my friends children were growing up, from baby through childhood and into the early teens, the choice of hosiery was limiting and with so much to offer in Europe it was a simple step to include a beautiful and functional range for our precious little young ones as well. While for now the range dresses the girls, I have a great range coming for the boys, I’ll be back to update this entry as soon as they arrive.

Speaking of the boys, yes I haven’t forgotten the men in our lives, colours and patterns, funky and conservative and all very stylish, they too will be here shortly and I’ll be back to update this entry.

So for now I again welcome you to La Promenade, your signature hosiery collection for the styles and fashion of Europe today. I invite you to join me and hope that you enjoy the selections I have on presention today and into the future.


La Promenade

Signature Hosiery Collection