About Our Hosiery Brands

Dore` Dore`

DORE DORE Paris - Maison Fondee En 1819 France: Made in Italy - www.doredore.fr


Since 1819, we want to share the values of craftsmanship, tradition and authenticity. It is our passion that guides us every day to offer refined, innovative and contemporary products for our clients. Our reputation has been built over time, and we are pleased to share this with you, now and in the future.


For nearly 200 years we have developed high quality products – hosiery for men, women and children - while innovating and inventing. It is thanks to an extensive know-how and a constant research for the most qualitative materials we manage to get a unique product.

Attractive products

We offer attractive products of excellent quality with first class materials thanks to expertise and knowhow. Our products are the result of a mix of sophistication, good taste and innovation, creating a style that dares and has great success.

High quality materials

We select  the best materials in the world for their intrinsic quality and use the finest quality yarn, such as silk, angora and cashmere wool, cotton lisle, warm Australian Merino wool and soft Egyptian cotton.




With strong traditions and deep passions, human values ​​and common sacrifices, gave rise to a harmony that combines craftsmanship, quality and research in the hosiery DèPio.

Founded in 1949 by Mr. Pio Chiaruttini it represents a niche market of the highest quality.

From the careful and expert selection of raw materials to the finishing operations, the entire cycle of the production process takes place exclusively within the Company, representing an authentic Made in Italy.

Today, the heart of the production is the man’s collection DèPio together with the ladies’ collection Chic Appeal by DèPio.
Thanks to the teachings and technique handed down by the grandfather Pio, today is his daughter Mary, with her family, to dictate the shape and styles of the collections.

Among its clients, the hosiery Dè Pio includes some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign fashion houses.
In December 2009 Dè Pio was honored by the Lombardy region with the title of "handmade excellence".

Gaetano Cazzola:

Gaetano Cazzola is one of the main Companies in Northern Italy that produces hosiery and lingerie “made in Italy” since 1971.
Priorities: High quality fabric, perfect fit, innovative style, memorable image, vast assortments

Philosophy: Collection, Image, Style
Our collection is rich and outstanding that aims at anticipating new cool tendencies for fashion, looking to give elegance and femininity
The image is vivacious, versatile and contemporary.
The style is recognisable, seductive but never vulgar and we do a constant style research each season to satisfy customer’s drivers.



After a long experience in the stocking industry, dating back to 1933, Mr Domenico Girardi establishes “Calzificio Girardi” in 1954.

Since its early years, Girardi brand name has been synonym of both sophisticated ladies elegance and top quality products.

In 1998 Girardi Srl was created as the operating company, in order to serve domestic and international customers with a dynamic and efficient structure.

Our mission is to give life to an idea of absolute elegance and fashion, through continuous research of styles, colours, graphic themes and technical solutions. Our everyday challenge is to produce special articles and items of absolutely new concepts along with basics of extreme elegance, in order to meet the most sophisticated needs and the most difficult requests.

We produce all our items inside our works in Reggio Emilia where the attention to every tiny detail accompanies our passion for hosiery.

Our stockings are manufactured by the highest and latest technology machinery, with added components conceived and crafted inside our premises for an effort to overtake the limits of the technical possibilities currently available and meticulous procedure that allows very high quality standards.



Claudio Gazzotti is the creator and designer of the brand HYD, originally from Mantova (Italy), after long experiences in the textile sector companies, in the 90s he decided to go live in Oxford, England, where he studied a Master of Marketing and Economies.

There, he had the idea to launch a line of tights that are directly related to the world of art and design, two passions that had always been his first professional inclination.

The company was founded in Catalonia. Since the 80´S Claudio Gazzotti has been linked to Barcelona for work and personal reasons. Despite its Catalan roots, HYD is an Italian production company with Claudio as responsible for the development of the design in Barcelona, but with the realization of the designs made entirely in Italy in the Lombardy region.


HYD is synonymous of luxury and excellence in the world of stocking.

We care about all the choices of raw materials, finish quality, innovation in design, offering the widest range of colors on the market.

Throughout the process, the raw materials used are from the best European quality and have been proven to be completely eco-sustainable. 100% Made in Italy, HYD has managed to perfectly combine the latest technology with the best and most innovative fibers to make each of his lines to give them exclusive top quality.




Company mission:

The CSP International group’s mission is to produce and distribute throughout the world the best quality and innovating products, in the core business of hosiery and in underwear, bodywear and beachwear.

Company Profile: 

CSP International Fashion Group is one of the leading players in the world markets of hosiery and underwear

CSP International is the only Italian Group producing hosiery and underwear listed at the Milan Stock Exchange.

Oroblu has always communicated class and elegance with a sophisticated timeless style. It has strikingly elegant beautifully executed lace with plays on full and empty stitch, impalpable weaves and embroidery effects. Simple patterns and polka dots alternate with perfectly defined geometric compositions. There are also classic motifs inspired by fabric textures in balanced aristocratic combinations. Oroblu is present in the best department stores and the most prestigious and elegant boutiques in Europe. 


Philippe Matignon:

Company Mission: Quality, refinement and sophisticated style

Philippe Matignon promises to be the “top range” of the Golden Lady Company group, as well as the reference brand for the top level specialized retail shops and hosiery boutiques.  Philippe Matignon stands for accessible luxury; it belongs to the world of refinement and style, through the constant attention to elegance of details; innovation and fashion.

The brand is wholly Italian, the story goes that the name Philippe Matignon draws inspiration from a street in Paris, Avenue Matignon.  Philippe Matignon is a glamorous brand and symbol of refined and elegant femininity. Innovation, tests, research and attention for details and style are the keywords in Philippe Matignon world.  Elegance comfort and wearability are a must of all fashion and classic collections. Original and glamorous fashion styles in the fashion line, refined and basic styles in the Classics line.


Pierre Mantoux:

Pierre Mantoux: A Family Brand

In a world of Global Companies and impersonal ones, of Industry clusters and Financial Enterprises, Pierre Mantoux can definitely call itself a Family Brand because it is the expression of a family of enterpreneurs successfully into its 4th generation.

Pierre Mantoux is the luxury brand that offers hosiery collections, knitwear, nightwear, loungewear, swimwear and beachwear and fashion accessories always in accordance with the hottest fashion trends.

  • The collections come to life in a context of uncompromising quality, thanks to the ongoing devotion and personal attention historically reserved to the Brand by the family of the Founders and the present share-holders, in an extraordinary entrepreneurial continuty.
  • To be a Family Brand means, in fact, to feel responsible towards the Trade, the Distributors, the Consumers, of every single article introduced to the market. It means to be the custodians of quality and to personally vouch for the complete satisfaction of the consumer.

Tradition and innovation since 1932

1932: Ottorino Giangrossi, importer of German Hosiery, establishes the Industria Lombarda Calze a Telaio. The combination of German looms and Italian silk guarantees products of impeccable quality and refinement.
1945: Ottorino’s son, Remo, arrives the helm of the Company , freshly out of Bocconi University of Milan.
1960s: Remo’s wife, Velia joins the company to handle the product development and to give it, thanks to her unquestionable taste, a high-end positioning. As a consequence the distribution changes from selling to wholesalers to selling directly to retailers through agents. An extraordinary range of colours of 56 shades is introduced to the market.
1976: It’s the year of the Polka Dot . The sheerest stockings with tiny polka dots come on the market and totally charm the Italian Ladies.
1980s: The most important designers demand Pierre Mantoux for their fashion catwalk shows. Remo and Velia’s daughter, Patrizia, joins the company. She introduces the strass facings, the soft nappa leather, the sophisticated nassa fishnets.
1990s: the first two doors open to the public, in Milano, Via Solferino, and in Genova. The first tighs with cachemire yarn is introduced to the market.
2000: Patrizia is joined in the company by her two daughters Chiara and Costanza . Pierre Mantoux can be found in the most exclusive Department Stores worldwide. The portfolio of products is enlarged from hosiery to knitwear, to nightwear and loungewear to swimwear and beachwear.
2010: The company makes an important acquisition and the brand Passo Jazz comes alongside Pierre Mantoux to offer a luxury swimwear and beachwear collection to discerning consumers worldwide.
2012: Pierre Mantoux celebrates its first 80 years in the name of tradition and innovation.

The Mission of Pierre Mantoux: 

Following up the successful history we sketched, Pierre Mantoux has a mission to fulfil:

  • To create the most exquisite and alluring legwear as must-have fashion accessory;
  • To combine the tradition, made of almost maniacal attention to quality, with innovation, made of answers to problems and to customers’ needs;
  • To guarantee clients and consumers with an impeccable quality and service, based on the personal responsibility of a Family Brand.


Sarah Borghi:

Sarah Borghi: The legwear that invests on authentic Made in Italy.

Accessory yes, but indispensable to renew your look. “Small daily luxury to feel elegant or trendy always”.
This is Sarah Borghi’s vision statement. The brand that is becoming the new generation legwear.

The merit goes to a commercial and industrial strategy that has been able to transform socks from only functional items to “function in style”. A journey that the company has carried through remaining loyal to four basic principles:

Quality – quality – quality: proudly Made in Italy, derives from a unique textile tradition that still today is recognized worldwide as a guarantee of excellence in yarn quality and innovative manufacturing processes.

The style: a modern approach to creativity, but always loyal to the rule “luxury is the opposite of vulgarity”. A research of simplicity that avoids the excesses of fashion and favors elegance which is never too much and beauty that tends to share rather than show.

Versatility: “Every day in a women’s life” is the claim with which Sarah Borghi’s adheres to the philosophy of affordable luxury: an everyday affordable luxury for women that recognize quality apart from price and labels.